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Learn how to be a strong Product Owner


What does the Scrum Product Owner training entail?

Scrum is the most popular and common Agile way of working based on Toyota’s Lean method. This framework was developed by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber for software development and is in use since 1995. In Scrum, the emphasis is on customer communication, the development team, and stakeholders. Furthermore, Scrum is suitable for IT and non-IT projects within organizations. According to the research company, the Standish Group, almost 80% of European organizations plan to introduce Agile and Scrum in the short term.

Within Scrum, there are only 3 roles; the Product Owner, the Scrum Master, and the Development Team. As a Product Owner, you deal with questions such as:

  • How do I ensure that my team delivers actual value to customers?
  • How do I define and deliver successful products and services to contribute to the success of my organization? 
  • How do I ensure optimal collaboration within the Scrum team and with the stakeholders? …and much more.

The Product Owner works closely with the team and the Scrum Master to bring the project to a successful end. The Product Owner guides the team to build and deliver the right thing to the customer. He or she has a mandate on behalf of the organization. Therefore, the Product Owner is ultimately responsible for the delivered product. Furthermore, the Product Owner is always concerned with the status of the product.

The essence and principles of Agile/Scrum are discussed during the Scrum Product Owner training. Thereby the Product Owner’s responsibilities are discussed as well. The Product Owner works together with the team and other players in- and outside the organization to deliver the highest possible value. A Product Owner can grow in his or her role as a true entrepreneur within the organization.


Training setup

The training takes one day and is given in a Scrum-project form. In this way, you’ll learn to put knowledge into practice. Important Scrum elements are clarified through exercises, role-playing and games. This provides more inspiration and continually positive experience. The training illustrates that working with Scrum, as a Product Owner, is a pleasant experience.


Target audience

The training is suitable for anyone who would like to know (more) about the Product Owner role and for anyone who would like to know how to be a good and effective Product Owner. This applies for e.g. product advisors, product and service managers, project managers, and/or experienced team members. This training provides a good knowledge base for those with the ambition to become a Business Owner,  a Product Manager, or a Business (development) manager. In addition, this training is a good exam preparation for obtaining a Product Owner certificate.



  • Personal goals and learning plan
  • What is Agile and what is the necessity of it?
  • What is Scrum and what is it used for?
  • What roles and responsibilities does Scrum have?
  • What are the responsibilities and the required capabilities of the Product Owner?
  • How to map the impact & story?
  • How to make a release plan?
  • How to create and maintain a Product Vision?
  • How to prepare and maintain the Product Backlog? 
  • How to make a stakeholder analysis and manage expectations?
  • How to collaborate with customers and suppliers effectively?
  • How to work with the Scrum Master?
  • How to work with the Development Team?
  • How to monitor the project progress? 
  • How to apply theoretical knowledge on practical cases?
  • How to grow and develop yourself as a Product Owner?
  • How to prepare on the certificate-exam?


Course material

Various hand-outs and Scrum games.



After training completion, there’s the possibility to take an online exam for example for PSPO-I ( or Certified Scrum Product Owner ( The training provides sufficient knowledge to pass the exam. However, our Product Owner training courses are tailor-made. The training content is customized by the participant’s wishes per training course. Ideal exam preparation is not always applicable. If additional preparation is needed, we will be happy to help you with an additional exam preparation course (costs are not included). 


Prior knowledge




Open registration for a one-day training, including course material and lunch, is excl. VAT = € 450 per person. Total with including VAT = € 544.5 per person.



After training completion, a Dimensions Training certificate will be issued as a participation certificate.

Duration: 1 day

Investment: € 450 per person (excl. VAT)

Starting dates: every month, see the starting dates at



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