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The Professional Agile LeadershipTM (PAL I) assessment is available to anyone who wishes to validate that you are a leader who understands that being Agile adds value to your business, and why leadership understanding, sponsorship, and support of Agile practices are essential to an organization becoming more agile. Those who pass receive the industry recognized certification as a PAL I from; demonstrating a fundamental level of understanding about how agility adds value to an organization, why leadership support of agile teams is essential to achieving organizational agility, and what leaders can do to support their teams to help them achieve higher performance.


The best way to pass the PAL I exam, is to learn and understand the Principles and Values defined by the Agile Manifesto and have a basic understanding of the Scrum framework. Memorizing doesn’t help. Having a deep understanding helps you answer questions you’ve never seen before.


This new kind of agile organization requires a fundamentally different kind of leadership. Recent research confirms that leadership and how leadership shapes culture are the biggest barriers to—and the biggest enablers of—successful agile transformations.




The costs of this online exam voucher  € 255 excl. VAT per person. Total costs including 21% VAT are € 308.55 per person.

Duration: 1 hour

Investment: € 255 per Voucher (excl. VAT)

Starting dates: now



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