How do we make our trainings effective?

Our world is changing faster than ever before and is becoming more and more complex. Currently we are living in a knowledge society. In order to meet the required quality standards, there are lots of good training courses are offered worldwid. However, there is more knowledge needed for innovations of products and services.


This was found out in a recent research.The research was done by Akbar Zarrinpajouh. Akbar has completed several academic studies and has followed over more than 100 trainings and courses as a professional himself. Based on 50 years of learning experience, combined with his own research, he asked himself the following question: “How should an effective training for adult professionals look like”? ‘In addition to my own learning and teaching experiences, I’ve looked at 75 scientifically based learning methods and concluded that there are 13 criteria to meet to deliver effective trainings’ ,  explains Akbar.


These criteria have become the corner stone all trainings offered by Dimensions Training Ltd. By using this criteria, you will be able to choose an effective training.


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— Akbar Zarrinpajouh – Founder & Lead-Trainer

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