A new training provider
A new training provider



As you know the need for expertise is increasing. The world around us is changing fast and is getting more complex. We live in a knowledge society. To make sure that professionals meet the requirements, there is a wide range of training courses available on the market. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of room for new training agencies whom are able to offer quality and improvements. This is apparent from our own investigations and experiences. To be successful as a new training agency it is crucial to be able to answer to following questions:


1) How do we facilitate training courses with a quick and lasting result?

2) How do we make sure our training courses are worth the money and effort?

Dimensions Training has appropriate answers to these core questions.





The purpose of Dimensions Training is to offer as many effective training courses as possible to promote the innovation of new products and services. With this we hope to contribute to a better world! Our motto is: “Passion and knowledge for a better world”. Dimensions Training is a training agency in the domain of innovation with a social relevance.


We started to give training courses for Scrum, Agile, Lean and projectmanagement. Our ambition is to expand our offer to other expertise areas and domains such as: Transition management, Leadership, IT management and Artificial Intelligence.




All our training courses are effective, because they are solely led by experts with at least ten years of experience combined with our unique training formula. Our unique training formula consists out of a combination of tested practices. This will help the participant with their journey until he/she reaches his/her destination. It will take the participant from: “I want to learn something” up to and including “I can bring the things learned into practice”. We don’t only feel the responsibility for the participant during the course, but also the period in advance and afterwards. That’s why we work i.a. with an intake a personal learning action plan, practical cases, games, simulations, demonstrate-teamwork-do-it-yourself model and follow-up sessions with your trainer. With the follow-up sessions the participants are able to ask questions relating practical problems they encounter to their trainer.



While delivering the highest possible value, at the same time we guarantee the lowest price, good facilities, catering, course material, a flexible and a personal registration process and a service desk. Furthermore is the first follow-up session with your own coach free of charge. We are happy to see that our customers experience this as well. On average Dimensions Training is valued with a score of 9,1 on a scale from 0 to 10. This is why we, for different categories, can be found in the Springest top 10.