Agile Leadership



What does the Agile Leadership training entail?

As a leader and manager you have a crucial role in helping your organizations to be successful. However, your role in an agile organization can differ considerably from what you are already used to. This training helps you to understand this role in supporting, guiding and coaching Agile Transformations. The workshop helps you learn how you can increase the capacities and performance of your team (s) and how you can lead the cultural and behavioral changes for better results and more stakeholders and employees satisfaction.


Form of training

The Agile Leadership is a one-day hands-on workshop that combines instruction and practical exercises.


Target audience

The training is suitable for all leaders, managers, coaches and employees who play a role in Agile Transformations, now or in the future.



The following topics will be discussed during this workshop:

  • What is agility and how can agility improve the performance of your organization?
  • As a manager or leader, how can you help your organization to reap the benefits of agility?
  • What influence do culture and values ​​have on the capacity of your organization with Agile Transformations?
  • What practical skills do you need to guide and coach agile teams and to help them remove barriers? Including practical exercises.
  • How can you measure the benefits and impact of Agile and/or agility in your organization?


Teaching material

Various articles and material is used and shared during the training. In addition, a recommended reading list is available through your trainer during or after the training.



After completing this training you can continue with self-study and gaining practical experience. It is also possible to participate online in an open assessment for PAL-I certificate at Also inquire about our exam training that focuses on the certification exams of, among others,


Required knowledge

Secondary vocational education and higher professional education thinking and work-related is required.



Open registration for two-day training including course material and lunch excl. VAT = € 525 per person. Total including VAT = € 635.25 per person.



After completion of the training, a Dimensions Training certificate will be issued as proof of participation.

Duration: 1 day

Investment: € 525 per person (excl. VAT)

Starting dates: every month, see the starting dates at



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